Denture Options

Dentures in Southlake, Texas - Teeth Replacement Options

If you need Dentures in Southlake, we have you Covered

Southlake dentist Dr. T. Paul Dyer and our team enjoy taking care of our patients and their teeth. Unfortunately, for most people, their adult teeth don’t last forever. Some loose teeth due to gum disease, some due to dental trauma and some due to failed root canal therapy. We understand more than most that replacing teeth can seem like a big deal. Missing teeth is inconvenient as it can be expensive, takes up time to resolve, and can be uncomfortable. Many people already know that dental implants offer the best solution for missing teeth but did you know that there are more solutions for those missing full arches of teeth? Denture Options in Keller, Texas

Three of our best solutions are:

1. Implant Retained Dentures – Patients who are missing all of their teeth on their top or bottom arch can benefit from implant retained dentures. Many of our Keller patients find this to be a more affordable solution than full dental implants yet more stable and natural than traditional dentures. Stabilized dentures give patients a very natural looking smile that should last a very long time. The procedure consists of the patient receiving 2-6 dental implants. Once the implants integrate with the jaw bone, Dr. Dyer will fit them with a set of dentures. The dentures are stabilized by snapping onto the dental implants. Patients with these implant retained dentures can enjoy a full bite capacity allowing them to chew steak and bite into apples. They can also take the dentures out for cleaning or to give their gums a rest. 

2. All on Four Restorations – All-On-Four is similar to implant retained dentures but with All-On-4, the patient can get both arches of dentures secured using two implants on top and two on the bottom. Patients with dentures supported using ‘All on Four’ enjoy stabilized dentures and a very high bite capacity allowing patients to eat chewy foods without worry of their dentures slipping out of their mouth. All on 4 dentures are fixed to the dental implants in such a way that they only come out on dental visits. Many of our Keller denture patients like this permanent and fixed solution. 

3. Traditional dentures – Dentures have been the gold standard solution to multiple missing teeth for many years. Technology has given today’s denture wearers a much more comfortable and natural looking set of teeth. When comparing up front cost side-by-side, dentures seem like the most affordable option but some patients feel that they aren’t the most cost effective solution over the long run as they often need to be replaced due to loosening over time.

At the dental office of Dr. Paul Dyer, our team will make sure you are aware of all of your options. If you are missing teeth, we will help you make the best decision to fit you lifestyle and pocketbook. Our Southlake dental office is on 113 River Oaks Drive, near the intersection of Davis Blvd and 1709, on the same side of 1709 as Sprouts.  Conveniently located for those coming from Fort Worth, Watauga, North Richland Hills, Keller, Trophy Club, Roanoke, Haslet and the surrounding area.  For more information about dentures, or implant supported alternatives, give us a call today.